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News - May 2015

Orangutan Conservation Camp: Taking the Classroom Outside

27th May 2015

In collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) and the local forestry authorities, IAR’s team in Indonesia conducted the first three-day Conservation Camp in the Protected Forest of Mount Tarak, the location of our 15 month pilot orangutan release project. Currently there... read more »

Baby orangutan Jacko rescued by our team in West Borneo thanks to intervention of local Dayak man.

22nd May 2015

A baby orangutan of about two years old has been rescued from captivity and is now in the care of IAR’s team in Ketapang, West Borneo thanks to a local Dayak man. Bapak Deka, a representative of the Dayak indigenous council, is seriously concerned about the plight of orangutans in Indonesia and... read more »

Our orangutans move to the islands!

19th May 2015

Our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Kalimantan - the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo - has over 80 orangutans at the centre. These orangutans are of different ages -  young babies, juveniles and adults too. Through our rehabilitation programme we teach the orangutans as much... read more »

IAR’s team in Ketapang rescues three orangutans in one day from a village next to an oil palm plantation.

14th May 2015

Our team in Ketapang has assisted the Forestry Department (BKSDA) and the local Police with the rescue of three orphaned orangutans in one day from a village close to an oil palm plantation in West Kalimantan.The rescues all took place in Merangin, Kampar Sebomban village, Simpang Dua, Ketapang.... read more »

Three cheers for Meghan and Louise!

14th May 2015

On the 26th April two amazing supporters ran the Virgin London Marathon to raise money for International Animal Rescue. We asked them to let us know how it went ...  Meghan Tiplady:‘I ran the London Marathon for your fantastic charity because I've seen firsthand how incredible your teams are at... read more »

Rescued orangutan Lisa is queen of the swingers

8th May 2015

We are delighted to report that rescued orangutan Lisa is doing really well under the care of the team at our orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre.Lisa was introduced to baby school for the first time about one week ago and has not returned to the sleeping quarters she shares with other... read more »

Hunter sent to prison for shooting down a kestrel in Malta

1st May 2015

A 24 year old hunter, Kirsten Mifsud, better known among his friends as “Benghazi,” has been sentenced to one year in prison and fined 5000 Euros for shooting down a kestrel in Malta. He also had his gun confiscated and his licence suspended.The kestrel, a protected species, fell within the... read more »

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