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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

News - June 2015

CEO Alan Knight talks at TEDx event

23rd June 2015

Recently the CEO of International Animal Rescue, Alan Knight, was invited to speak at the TEDx event in Tunbridge Wells, UK. TED is a global set of conferences on Technology, Entertainment and Design. TEDx conferences are non-profit events following the TED conference format and are independently... read more »

IAR’s team in Indonesia takes part in Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries Inaugural Asia Workshop, “Sustainability in a Changing World”

11th June 2015

On the 27th to the 29th May a meeting of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) was held in Bogor, Indonesia. Members of IAR’s team in Indonesia joined representatives of 36 other rescue centres and NGOs from ten countries working on animal welfare and wildlife conservation in the... read more »

“Tickling is TORTURE” campaign enlists celebrity support to save endangered primates from the pet trade

8th June 2015

International Animal Rescue is today launching a celebrity-backed campaign to expose the cruelty involved in keeping slow lorises as pets. International Animal Rescue’s “Tickling is TORTURE” campaign reveals the truth behind keeping these endangered primates in captivity in order to stifle the... read more »

Untung the slow loris is returned to the forest

1st June 2015

At the beginning of May a team from our primate rehabilitation centre in Ciapus released a Javan slow loris called Untung back into the wild. He was released on the Sawal mountain in a regency called Ciamis in West Java.Untung had been surrendered to the local police on 30 April by people who... read more »

Budi and his bedtime buddy!

1st June 2015

Both Budi and Jemmi are now visiting the baby school every day for an hour and a half.This gorgeous picture shows the toll baby school takes.Time for a well earned nap in the hammock after a morning of playing and learning in the forest! 

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