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News - August 2003

More animals confiscated by the Malta Police

30th August 2003

The Administrative Law Enforcement division of the Malta Police recently raided a private home in Hamrun and confiscated 17 song birds. Prosection of the owner is expected in the next few days. The birds are now in our Bird Hospital in Malta where they are being cared for and rehabilitated until... read more »

Lm30,000 worth of bird and mammal skins seized

27th August 2003

Breaking News: Earlier today, we had a tip off that the Police and Customs officers were about to seize hundreds of birds being imported into Malta. This morning we spoke to the Police Inspector in Malta congratulating him on the arrests. Max Farrugia (our Chairman in Malta) sees this as the... read more »

Animal welfare council launched

23rd August 2003

Breaking News: International Animal Rescue (Malta) reports that the council for animal welfare in Malta (of which IAR(M) are a member) has entered into a joint venture with the Ministry of Environment to produce a number of prime time TV adverts highlighting animal abuse in Malta. Each advert will... read more »

Special book offer!

21st August 2003

'Fatal Flight'by Natalino Fenech, with a foreword by David Bellamy. Annual figures for Malta show that 3 million finches are trapped, while over half a million thrushes, 500,000 swallows, 80,000 golden orioles, 18,000 shearwaters and 50,000 birds of prey are shot out of the sky each year. In Malta... read more »

Report on the EU-Malta Agreement

18th August 2003

International Animal Rescue (Malta) strongly condemns the agreement which the Maltese government has negotiated with the EU regarding hunting and trapping in Malta. According to this agreement, the present spring hunting season would be maintained while turtle doves and quails would still be hunted... read more »

Agra: Bear cub rescue

12th August 2003

Latest report from Wildlife SOS India We have rescued two little bear cubs yesterday morning! It was like a big adventure with informants and telephone calls at 3am, meeting them in unmarked jeeps at strange locations, whisking them past police outposts so they wouldn’t get into trouble, smuggling... read more »

Goa vet set to gain experience in Europe

7th August 2003

Dr Kevin D’Mello, one of our excellent vets in Goa, has been invited to the Netherlands to gain experience in orthopaedic surgery techniques. IAR are keen to learn how to pin and plate broken limbs as currently there are no surgeries in Goa that can carry out these procedures. If an animal breaks a... read more »


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