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News - December 2007

The world's biggest bear sanctuary - funded by IAR - celebrates its fifth birthday on Christmas Eve

24th December 2007

The most successful bear sanctuary in the world - funded by International Animal Rescue - celebrates its 5th Anniversary on Christmas Eve this year. The Agra Bear Sanctuary in India first opened its doors on 24 December 2002 and took in six dancing bears rescued from the streets. Since then, IAR... read more »

IAR tackles terrible suffering of primates in indonesian pet markets

23rd December 2007

IAR is tackling the issue of cruelty inflicted on wildlife sold in Indonesian pet markets - some of which are highly endangered species. IAR has just completed the construction of a rescue centre on the island of Java for primates that have been caught from the wild and sold as pets. The aim is to... read more »

IAR Goa holds dog show

22nd December 2007

International Animal Rescue celebrated Liberation Day in our traditional way in Goa by hosting a dog show for local breed dogs. The event was opened by Veterinary Director Astrid Almeida and former Assistant Veterinary Director Kevin D’Mello in 2004. The aim of the event is for owners of non-... read more »

IAR protests against animals in circuses

21st December 2007

International Animal Rescue has joined a coalition of 14 groups in Malta protesting against the use of animals in circuses. Following a campaign led by the coalition, Malta was a circus-free country for five years. But last year a new local company decided to bring the circus to Malta once again.... read more »

Custom officers seize protected bird skins at Malta airport

19th December 2007

Two Maltese men arriving on a scheduled flight from Rome have been caught carrying 22 skins of protected bird species. They were subjected to a random luggage check after trying to pass through the EU members blue exit. The customs officer noticed that these two Maltese citizens, who qualify to... read more »

Endangered sloth bear cub rescued from poacher

17th December 2007

An endangered sloth bear cub of only two or three weeks old has been rescued from a poacher in India, thanks to intelligence supplied by IAR’s partners Wildlife SOS (WSOS). A joint undercover operation conducted by the Forest and Police Departments in the State of Orissa and the Indian charity... read more »

IAR thanks fundraisers and volunteers for support in Goa

12th December 2007

IAR has expressed its deep appreciation and grateful thanks to a number of volunteers who regularly raise funds and support IAR’s work at the Goa centre. With the tourist season once again fully underway in Goa dedicated couple Harry and Jackie Patterson are once again entertaining the public and... read more »


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