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News - March 2015

Budi walking to the day cage

25th March 2015

Vet Ayu helps Budi to walk to his enclosure for the day. Ayu also encourages him to walk by himself in order to strengthen his leg muscles.Budi's arm muscles are pretty good now due to the fact that he uses them most when climbing about. He has now started to use his leg muscles when climbing so... read more »

When Budi met Jemmi!

19th March 2015

Budi has finished his quarantine time and has had his first introduction to another orangutan, Jemmi!Jemmi was rescued by our team in October 2014 when he was just four months old. Now just over eight months old Jemmi is our youngest baby, but about the same size as Budi.Because he is so young,... read more »

Budi goes in the day cage!

11th March 2015

Scroll down for video!Budi continues to progress well and is climbing and getting more adventurous every day. Due to this our volunteers from Project Orangutan have designed a new enclosure for Budi, which will be used while he completes his quarantine time and will give him the opportunity to... read more »

Budi gets more adventurous

6th March 2015

 Budi is getting better at climbing every day! He is becoming more adventurous and it looks like he will soon be strong enough to move into a larger outdoor enclosure!  

Update on baby Budi's recovery: number eleven

4th March 2015

We have seen a huge improvement in little Budi over the last week! Now his joints are free of pain he is a lot more active.His arm and back muscles are developing as he uses his hands to pull himself up and climb about on his hammock and frame.It is amazing to think that this is the same little... read more »

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