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News - April 2010

Suspended sentence for policeman hunting illegally in Malta

30th April 2010

A policeman who last year was caught hunting illegally during the close season in Gozo has been given a one-month jail term, but suspended for a year. Fabio Schembri, 22, was filmed hunting near il-Fanal ta' Gordan on Gozo, by one of the teams of foreign volunteers participating in the Birdwatching... read more »

Bird protection patrol vehicle attacked in Malta

29th April 2010

After yesterday’s reports of an outbreak of rampant illegal hunting in Malta, the windscreen of a rented bird protection patrol vehicle has been smashed. A 50 kilo boulder was used to damage the car which was parked at the roadside. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning while two... read more »

Illegal shooting is rampant in Malta

28th April 2010

A sudden change in the weather in Malta, creating perfect conditions for bird migration, has resulted in an outbreak of shooting. From the early hours before dawn on Wednesday 28 April shots were heard and reported to both the police and the control room of CABS (Committee Against Bird Slaughter).... read more »

Bird guards in Malta uncover illegal hunting and trapping activity

27th April 2010

Although only 23 hunters in Malta have been issued with a licence for the spring hunting of Turtle Dove and Common Quail, the German group Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) working in partnership with International Animal Rescue reports that illegal quail lures can be heard throughout the... read more »

Endangered slow lorises are returned to the wild by IAR's team in Indonesia

19th April 2010

Twenty slow lorises that have undergone rehabilitation at International Animal Rescue’s centre in West Java are being released back into the wild of the Halimun Mountain National Park. The primates, which are highly endangered and listed on Appendix 1 of CITES (The Convention on International Trade... read more »

IAR joins condemnation of the spring hunting season in Malta

13th April 2010

International Animal Rescue has joined conservationists throughout Europe in condemning the Maltese government's decision to permit spring hunting of turtle dove and quail once again. "This is bad news for the populations of two species that are already endangered in large parts of the EU", states... read more »

Maltese hunters claim psychological torture

12th April 2010

Hunters and trappers in Malta claim they are experiencing psychological torture while awaiting the government's decision on the opening of the spring hunting season. Government sources say a date has not yet been set to announce the decision but insist that it will be communicated in the days ahead... read more »

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