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News - March 2016

Orangutans Mynah and Mata, rescued from forest fires in 2015, are successfully released

31st March 2016

IAR’s team in Indonesia has carried out the release of two orangutans into the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (BBBR NP) in West Borneo. Mata, an adult male orangutan, was a victim of the fires that decimated the Indonesian rainforest in 2015. He was rescued last December from a village called... read more »

Two latest orangutans rescued were found on palm oil plantations.

24th March 2016

The two latest orangutans to be rescued from captivity by IAR’s team in West Borneo had both been captured from palm oil plantations. They were then both kept chained up as people’s pets.JamilaOur team rescued Jamila, a female of about two years old, at the end of February. She had been kept in... read more »

‘Woodland weigh-in’ of rescued orangutans in Borneo has a serious side too.

11th March 2016

The below video of a group of rescued orangutans being weighed in the forest in Borneo is proof of the progress they are making on their journey back to the wild. The young apes have all been rescued from captivity and are undergoing rehabilitation at our orangutan centre in Ketapang, West... read more »

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