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News - November 2010

Malta coalition protests against the circus coming to town

30th November 2010

A federation of 20 NGOs has launched a campaign in Malta against animal cruelty in circuses. This follows the announcement by a local company which brings circuses to Malta that animals will feature in a circus performing in Malta and Gozo during most of December. On Sunday 28 December members of... read more »

Maoist threats lead to emergency bear evacuation

25th November 2010

Serious threats from Maoist insurgency groups in India have led to the emergency evacuation of rescued dancing bears and staff from a bear rescue centre in West Bengal. The facility, located in Purulia district, was established by Indian charity Wildlife SOS in collaboration with the West Bengal... read more »

New orangutan Monte arrives in Ketapang

22nd November 2010

The most recent arrival at International Animal Rescue's centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan is a male called Monte of about 13 years old. He had been kept in a tiny cage and chained up for at least the past three, possibly five years. He had been kept illegally as a pet by his owners since he was... read more »

Sindi the orangutan's rescue to feature in French documentary

16th November 2010

International Animal Rescue's orangutan project in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, and the recent rescue of baby Sindi is to feature in an exciting new French documentary to be broadcast on France 2 on 21 November. Our rescue team is the focus of an episode entitled "Les orphelins du paradis" ("Wild... read more »

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