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News - June 2016

IAR’s team in West Borneo cares for baby orangutan with a bullet lodged in his shoulder

20th June 2016

IAR’s team in Ketapang is caring for a baby orangutan with a bullet lodged in his right shoulder. Staff at the centre believe he was wounded when his mother was shot and probably killed.The little ape is also suffering from such severe malnutrition that the vets have described his condition as “... read more »

Jambu to be first wild orangutan tracked after release

10th June 2016

Jambu's stay at our rehabilitation centre has come to an end and he has been returned to the forest where he belongs. Rescued in December of 2015, Jambu was a victim of the terrible forest fires; he was found by villagers in a plantation with no forest to return to and no food to eat. Back at our... read more »

Eight endangered slow lorises returned to the forest

9th June 2016

One year on from the launch of Tickling is Torture, our hugely successful social media campaign to stop the keeping of slow lorises as pets, our team in Indonesia continues to release rehabilitated lorises into the wild. The latest release involved eight slow lorises that were released into the... read more »

Rescued orangutan's first day at baby school shows he has lots to learn about being an orangutan

8th June 2016

A baby orangutan at our centre in Borneo is learning how to behave like an ape after spending three years living like a human child. The orangutan, named Boy, was found by workers on a palm oil plantation in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) in August 2013. One of them, a man called Ewaldus, took... read more »

Fifth Grade Students Tell the Story of Budi the Baby Orangutan

1st June 2016

Fifth grade students at an elementary school in the USA have created a magical new children’s book about Budi the baby orangutan.“One Special Orangutan: The Story of Budi” has been written, illustrated and published by the fifth-grade class at P.S. 107 John W. Kimball Learning Center in Park Slope... read more »

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