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News - October 2010

After 15 years in captivity, Mely the orangutan is free

30th October 2010

International Animal Rescue's team in Indonesia has successfully rescued an orangutan that had spent 15 long years chained up on a filthy balcony in a remote village in Borneo. Mely the orangutan was caught from the wild by a fisherman who shot her mother and took the baby to keep as a pet for... read more »

EU commission warns Malta government over Spring hunting

29th October 2010

The European Commission today expressed concern that Malta's new framework legislation seeking to permit spring hunting does not comply with the ruling given by the European Court. The Commission warned the Malta Government to comply with the ruling or risk being taken back to court where the... read more »

Member of Maltese hunting federation guilty of assault

27th October 2010

A council member of the Maltese Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FKNK) has been fined €100 for attempting to use force and swearing in public during an argument with a German bird guard. David Briffa, 48, of Siggiewi was, however, cleared of hitting Alex Hirschfeld, media officer of the... read more »

Two Maltese hunters jailed for bribing police officer

19th October 2010

Two Maltese hunters have been jailed for 18 months after admitting they had bribed a policeman who would tip them off about illegal hunting raids in exchange for gifts such as supermarket vouchers and a mobile phone. A third man was also arraigned but he is contesting the charges. Sources close to... read more »

"Everyone is responsible" says international conference on animal welfare

18th October 2010

Four hundred delegates from all over the world took part in the first ever international conference on animal welfare in Brussels with the motto "Everyone is Responsible". The conference was organised by the EU Commissioner for Health who is also responsible for animal welfare, together with the... read more »

Our team in Indonesia relocates Berli the rescued sun bear

14th October 2010

A sun bear that has spent the past two years of its life chained up in the home of an Indonesian government official has been moved to a specialist sanctuary in Kalaweit, thanks to IAR. Our team in Indonesia has been assisting with the care of Berli the bear since he was handed over some weeks ago... read more »

Our bird hospital in Malta takes in casualties of rampant shooting

12th October 2010

In recent days International Animal Rescue's bird hospital in Malta has taken in several casualties – victims of rampant shooting that had taken place after a change in the weather. An osprey, a fish-eating raptor, was shot at Salina bird sanctuary, a kestrel was found by a British couple and... read more »

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