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News - September 2007

Rare eagle treated at IAR bird hospital in Malta

29th September 2007

A very rare species of eagle that was illegally shot down in Malta has been successfully treated at IAR’s bird hospital. The lesser spotted eagle was identified by a ring on its leg and had originally come from Germany. There are only 90 pairs of these birds left in Germany and the... read more »

British holidaymakers save the life of a sick kitten in Malta

28th September 2007

IAR supporters Ken and Diane Willoughby from Cornwall in the UK came to the aid of a sick kitten while holidaying in Malta in September. During their stay at the Porto Azzuro Hotel in Xemxija they found a six week old kitten in one of the side roads leading to the hotel. The poor creature was... read more »

IAR joins international protests against the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan

26th September 2007

On Tuesday 25 September members of International Animal Rescue joined animal lovers and wildlife conservationists in cities all over the world in protest against the annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan. IAR representatives were at Japanese Embassies in Boston, Jakarta and London... read more »

IAR takes action against illegal bird shooting in Malta

21st September 2007

IAR Malta has been working with German partners CABS (the Committee Against Bird Slaughter) to monitor and record illegal hunting activity since the start of the new shooting season. The two groups are running a bird protection camp attended by volunteers from Italy, Germany, the UK and Malta. This... read more »

Bear cub rescued from poachers in India

20th September 2007

A young bear cub rescued from poachers in India is being cared for in a sanctuary funded by UK charity International Animal Rescue. Wildlife authorities from the Karnataka Forest Department received a tip-off from IAR’s Indian partners Wildlife SOS which led to the seizure of the bear cub and the... read more »

IAR supports flood relief in India to protect stricken wildlife

19th September 2007

IAR has supplied emergency funding to Indian partners Wildlife SOS to support their relief effort in the Kaziranga National Park helping animals stranded by flash floods. Wildlife SOS and Delhi-based charity Friendicoes SECA are working round the clock in the affected areas with the Kaziranga... read more »

IAR Malta reports on the first casualties of the shooting and trapping season

17th September 2007

IAR Malta has started receiving the first casualties of the shooting and trapping season which opened at the beginning of September. The first injured bird - a honey buzzard found in the north part of Malta by the police during their patrol - is being cared for at IAR’s centre. The bird has an... read more »


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