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News - June 2010

Campaigners celebrate as whaling ban is upheld

30th June 2010

International Animal Rescue has joined other campaigners in celebrating the defeat of a proposal to legalise whale killing. In a few short weeks, the biggest whale-saving petition in history was created, signed by an extraordinary 1.2 million of us worldwide, and delivered directly to key delegates... read more »

The Trichy team prepares to make a move

29th June 2010

The team in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, is looking forward to moving to new premises that are being purpose-built by a generous benefactor. As the lease agreement on the existing building has been terminated, the team is having to move out by the end of August 2010. With insufficient funds to buy a... read more »

Two more orangutans arrive at IAR's centre in Ketapang

28th June 2010

There have been two new arrivals at IAR's orangutan rescue centre in Ketapang. The team is caring for a baby of 3-4 months old that has been called Paolo and a two year old named Ongky. The baby orangutan fell 40 metres from a tree when his mother was shot by hunters in the forest. He was rescued... read more »

Exotic and dangerous pets to be registered in Malta

28th June 2010

Owners of exotic and dangerous pets in Malta will have three months to register their animals with the authorities or pay a fine of up to €46,500, according to an upcoming legal notice. Pet owners who fail to fall in line with the new rules will face criminal proceedings that could lead to a fine... read more »

IAR joins the campaign to protect the world's whales

21st June 2010

With the final vote by the International Whaling Commission on whether to legalise commercial whaling just days away, International Animal Rescue is urging people to act to protect the world's whales from slaughter. If the pro-whaling lobby is successful, commercial whale hunting will be legalised... read more »

Rescuers fight to save the life of a baby orangutan

11th June 2010

A baby orangutan is in a critical condition after being rescued from an oil palm plantation by IAR's team in Borneo. Owing to the circumstances in which he was found, the poorly infant is clearly the baby of a female orangutan who died of her injuries after being savagely beaten. The lactating... read more »

Help comes too late to save a savagely beaten orangutan found on an oil palm plantation in Borneo

8th June 2010

Rescuers in Borneo are lamenting the loss of a female orangutan who had been so savagely beaten that she died from her horrific injuries. When a call for help came in from Fauna and Flora International- Indonesian Programme Ketapang (FFI-IP), the Indonesian team from UK charity International... read more »


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