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News - December 2015

IAR rescue 3 year old orangutan, Paini

29th December 2015

Our team in Kalimantan, West Borneo have rescued another orangutan in Ketapang, that had been sold by a hunter. Paini is about 3 years old and is female. Her owner  bought her from the hunter for about USD 40. The owner explained that the hunters didn't hunt orangutan, but that they had found the... read more »

Another male orangutan, Jambu, in need of translocation

10th December 2015

Yet another large male orangutan has found himself struggling to survive as a result of recent forest fires. Jambu was found in a villager's rambutan plantation, they report that orangutans regularly pass through the plantation on their way back to the forest. But due to the forest fires this year... read more »

A year since Budi's rescue

8th December 2015

This month is the first anniversary of Budi's rescue. In December 2014 Budi was found in critical condition, lying helpless on his back in a chicken cage in West Borneo. His body was bloated and his limbs were swollen and bent from malnutrition.  When he was first rescued Budi cried in pain when... read more »

Large male orangutan named Mata rescued from plantations

6th December 2015

Recently our HOC (Human Orangutan Conflict) team has been extremely busy dealing with the results of the worst forest fires in a generation and once again they have been called out to help a struggling orangutan in need.Our team in Indonesia arrived to find a large male orangutan sheltering under a... read more »

More Victims of the forest fires Released into New Homes

1st December 2015

Our centre in Ketapang has housed a handful or males rescued from the recent fires. They were all rescued by our HOC (Human Orangutan Conflict) team from areas bordering oil plantations - areas lacking in biodiversity and enough food to sustain an orangutan, especially a large male orangutan.Last... read more »

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