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Rescued orangutan Lisa is queen of the swingers

We are delighted to report that rescued orangutan Lisa is doing really well under the care of the team at our orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Lisa was introduced to baby school for the first time about one week ago and has not returned to the sleeping quarters she shares with other babies Noel, Gunung, Rocky and Pelangi ever since! She is an excellent, natural climber and very smart in the trees where she busies herself finding the right leaves and fruit to eat. Lisa has made a nest out in the baby school enclosure and has slept out there up in the trees every night since her first visit. This wild behaviour is a very promising sign that she will fend well for herself when she is released back into the forest. 

The team is gathering behavioural data on Lisa to monitor how she spends her time and also in the hope of encouraging the other babies to follow along and learn from her. However she is very independent spending most of her time by herself and only coming down for food before quickly climbing up into the trees again.