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News - October 2017

IAR comes to the aid of captive bears in Armenia

20th October 2017

After playing a pivotal role in ending the barbaric practice of dancing bears in India, IAR is now coming to the aid of dozens of suffering bears in Armenia.We were recently alerted to the shocking conditions of squalor and neglect in which bears are being kept in restaurants, factories and bus... read more »

Terrified young orangutan is rescued after being caught from the wild and kept in a wooden crate

10th October 2017

We have released photos and video of the rescue of a young female orangutan found boarded up in a wooden crate in a village in West Borneo.The infant, thought to be about three years old, had been found by a local man from Banyu Abang Village, Teluk Batang Districk, Kayong Utara Regency. He claimed... read more »

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