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News - September 2008

Bird guard operation in Malta is extended

30th September 2008

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) has extended its bird guard operations against illegal bird hunting in Malta. “As a result of the massive number of birds shot in the past two weeks some of the group have volunteered to stay on and have taken extra unpaid leave from their jobs” the CABS... read more »

Rare black stork is shot down in Malta

23rd September 2008

Only days after the massacre in Malta of more than 100 endangered raptors, a rare black stork has been shot down. The illegal shooting was filmed by members of the German group Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) which IAR is supporting in Malta with the monitoring and reporting of illegal... read more »

More than 100 protected raptors meet their death in Malta

22nd September 2008

Hundreds of protected birds of prey have been shot down by Maltese hunters in spite of the presence of large numbers of police and numerous bird conservationists. Members of the German-based Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS), which is monitoring bird migration over Malta with the support of... read more »

Police seize 75 protected birds in Malta

19th September 2008

The Administrative Law Enforcement police in Malta have seized 75 protected wader and song birds from a greenhouse complex near Bahrija following a tip off. It came from the operations centre of the German group CABS - the Committee Against Bird Slaughter - which IAR is supporting in Malta during... read more »

Sponsored bike ride raises funds for IAR

16th September 2008

A sponsored bike ride took place on 13 September in Norwich to raise money to help IAR's campaign to rescue and rehabilitate the dancing bears in India. The 20 mile ride along Marriotts Way was organised by Francesca Smith from Norwich who, along with parents Colin and Susan, support East Sussex... read more »

IAR rescues trapped leopard in Indonesia

12th September 2008

At the end of August, following an emergency call from the local forestry department, IAR's team in Indonesia rescued a Javan leopard that had been trapped in a snare for several days. The team set off from Bogor at the crack of dawn the day after they received the call and hastened to Banten... read more »

IAR takes part in bird protection camp in Malta

10th September 2008

As in previous years, in mid-September IAR will take part in the monitoring of illegal birdshooting in Malta and the recording of bird migration data. Operations are once again being led by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) which is sending 24 'Bird Guards' to a bird protection camp on... read more »

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