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News - February 2016

Update on the rescue of lions abandoned in Gyrumi Zoo.

25th February 2016

We have recently recieved these lovely photos of the lions enjoying the sunshine in thier heated enclosures!Mery, Zita and Gita will be staying in the heated enclosures until the new Wildlife Rescue Centre has been built and they can be housed for quarantine. For more information about the rescue,... read more »

Severely injured bear cub receives treatment and care in IAR-funded sanctuary

17th February 2016

Our partners Wildlife SOS (WSOS) in India have rescued a bear cub found wandering alone with a badly injured foreleg. The little sloth bear has lost her left paw, probably to a poacher’s snare. She is now receiving treatment and care in the IAR-funded bear rescue centre in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.... read more »

Mama Nam and Baby Rescued from Starvation

12th February 2016

A mother and baby orangutan stranded in the burnt forests of Borneo would only have survived another week had our team not rescued them.The adult female of more than 20 years and her baby of between 2 and 3 years old were rescued from a plantation after villagers in Semanai, Simpang Tiga village... read more »

IAR's rescue team cut orangutan Japik free

2nd February 2016

This is the moment our team cut orangutan Japik free from the chain that had been tight around her neck - what an amazing feeling that must have been for Japik.Japik the orangutan spent two long years chained to a tree behind her owner's house, with nothing but a narrow wooden plank to sit on and... read more »

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