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News - July 2016

Four rare and critically endangered Javan slow lorises are returned to their home in the rainforest

29th July 2016

Our team in Ciapus recently released four Javan slow lorises into the wild. The critically endangered primates had been kept illegally as house pets by residents in Java and were voluntarily surrendered after the intervention of the local Forestry Department (BBKSDA.)  The three females and one... read more »

Putting our conservation messages out over the airwaves

11th July 2016

Since March 2016, in conjunction with the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Programme, our team in Indonesia has been running an education programme via radio broadcasts. These broadcasts, based on a range of themes and topics which change every month, reach the entire Ketapang region. So it’s... read more »

Scouts of Indonesia earn their badges at our rescue centre

8th July 2016

As well as holding regular conservation camps every month, the IAR team in Ketapang, West Borneo also holds camps just for scouts - both boys and girls. These are held in collaboration with the Boy Scout Programme in Ketapang Region. They are held every other month and will continue until the end... read more »

Sabtu, Butan and Marsela return to the rainforest

4th July 2016

Three rescued orangutans in the care of our rehabilitation centre in West Borneo have made an incredible journey to their new home in a national park. Male Sabtu and females Butan and Marsela spent several days being taken by road, river and on foot to reach the release site deep in the heart of... read more »

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