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News - April 2013

Breaking news from Malta

22nd April 2013

One of the two hunters who were caught illegally hunting during the week was brought before the Court today. Hooded hunter Christian Gauci, 27, was arrested at the Natura 2000 nature reserve in Mellieha, and has been fined €4,685 by the Magistrates' Court. He was also banned from hunting for three... read more »

Massive blow against illegal trapping in Malta with police confiscation of illegal nets and live decoys

21st April 2013

Malta - During the first three days of Operation ´Skyfall,’ conducted by the German Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS), with support from IAR Malta, more than 330 contraventions of the hunting curfew have been recorded and five active illegal trapping sites have been closed down. In addition,... read more »

International Animal Rescue appeals for funds for "Mely's Island"

10th April 2013

International Animal Rescue is appealing for funds to purchase a small island in Western Borneo to give Mely and the other adult orangutans at IAR’s temporary rescue centre their first taste of freedom.Mely was rescued by IAR’s team in October 2010 and currently lives in the emergency rescue centre... read more »

Norway says 'no way' to pet reptile and amphibian keeping

4th April 2013

International Animal Rescue is one of a number of wildlife protection organisations across Europe applauding a decision by the Norwegian government to retain a 37-year old ban on reptile and amphibian keeping and trading, and reject a proposal from wildlife dealers and exotic animal keepers to open... read more »

Good news from the Salak Mountain slow loris monitoring programme

4th April 2013

On 30 March Arjuna, a released male Javan slow loris, was caught by the monitoring team because his collar was due to be changed. Arjuna had survived seven months in the forests of Mount Salak, displaying extensive ranging and active behaviours. The medical team went too in order to give him a... read more »

International Animal Rescue releases dramatic footage showing rescue of starving orangutans

4th April 2013

International Animal Rescue’s team in Indonesia has today released dramatic footage showing how they rescued four starving orangutans from an oil palm concession in Borneo after their forest homes were bulldozed by a company belonging to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).IAR is now... read more »

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