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News - July 2011

Our team in Indonesia rescues another baby orangutan

12th July 2011

A new baby orangutan has been taken in to IAR's centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. She was being kept as a pet in Sungai Duri, Bengkayan, which is miles away from Ketapang, but was originally from Kapuas Hulu, Putusibau. Her mother was killed and the baby was sold to a family for 1 million rupiah... read more »

Two men jailed in Malta for illegal hunting

8th July 2011

Two men have been jailed in Malta for illegal shooting during the closed season. They have also been prohibited for life from holding a hunting licence and a licence to keep a firearm. Joseph Darmanin of Qrendi, 39 years, was jailed for two years and fined €9,000, while Rene Bezzina of Gharghur, 27... read more »

IAR's team rescues and relocates a solitary male orangutan

5th July 2011

IAR's team in Indonesia has successfully rescued and translocated an adult male orangutan from a rubber plantation in the village of Tanjung Baik Budi. The local villagers had asked the team in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, to translocate the orangutan because there wasn't sufficient forest left in... read more »

IAR Malta launches animal cruelty campaign

5th July 2011

IAR has launched a campaign in Malta urging people to report any cases of animal cruelty they come across. It is being supported by a poster with a picture of a dog and the slogan: 'You have the right to remain silent, but if you do, they pay the price.' Max Farrugia, Chairman of IAR Malta,... read more »

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