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News - February 2015

Update on baby Budi's recovery: Ten

27th February 2015

When Budi was kept as a pet he had no fruits in his diet, for his owner only fed him condensed milk.Now, under the care of our team he is eating more solid foods. Budi has a big appetite and his favourites are banana, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, and guava, but like most youngsters he is not so keen... read more »

Update on baby Budi's recovery: nine

24th February 2015

Budi learns to climb!In the wild orangutans spend 90% of their time in the trees. So if Budi was with his mother in the forest, he would be constantly clinging to her side as she moved through the trees. Instead, just a couple of months ago, Budi was found lying alone in a chicken cage, unable to... read more »

Update on baby Budi's recovery: eight

18th February 2015

The medical team looking after rescued orangutan Budi are using daily physiotherapy sessions to strengthen the muscles needed for climbing.This new video shows little Budi bearing weight on his legs and walking for the first time. He is clasping the hands of vet Christine as she guides him across... read more »

Budi the baby orangutan is pronounced fit for “adoption” in time for Valentine’s Day!

13th February 2015

Budi the baby orangutan who melted the hearts of people around the world with his cute looks and pitiful cries of pain is now in a stable condition and sufficiently fit to join a number of other rescued orangutans available for virtual adoption, according to our vets at the centre in Ketapang. In... read more »

Budi has a breakthrough in his physiotherapy session!

12th February 2015

 We are excited to share this video with our supporters. This is one of Budi's daily physical therapy sessions at IAR's Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.Vet Ayu is counting 1...2...3...! in Indonesian. Budi is able to hold onto her fingers as she lifts him which is a massive improvement! ... read more »

IAR's Orangutan Rescue Centre takes in a young orangutan and names her after IAR trustee Lisa Milella

9th February 2015

IAR’s rescue centre in Ketapang has received a three year old female orangutan, Lisa. She had been illegally kept as a pet in Desa Sungai Bulu, Manis Mata, an area close to the border of central Kalimantan from where we have also received previous rescues.The owner claimed to have owned Lisa for... read more »

Update on baby Budi's recovery: six

9th February 2015

When Budi first arrived he didn't even have the muscle strength to open his own mouth. The vets would have to gently press the sides of his mouth so it would open enough for them to get food into him to help him grow stronger. Now, when he sees food arriving he opens his mouth wide and holds onto... read more »


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