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News - September 2009

School for scandal: Illegal wild animal dealing at Shenfield High School

29th September 2009

Shenfield High School has been publicly condemned for its part in facilitating an underground reptile market that took place on Sunday 27 September 2009, at which illegal trading of wild animals took place. The Animal Protection Agency, with support from International Animal Rescue, is now calling... read more »

Dangerous animals to be banned as pets in Malta

28th September 2009

New rules to be issued by the Ministry of Environment in Malta will make it illegal to keep certain dangerous animals, particularly wild animals, as pets, while other creatures will be strictly regulated. This was announced by George Pullicino, the Minister responsible for animal welfare. Animals... read more »

Conservationists question authorities' motives over Malta 'bird cemetery'

24th September 2009

In a joint Press Conference earlier yesterday the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) and Birdlife Malta have questioned the motives behind the lack of investigation into the Mizieb 'bird cemetery', accusing the local authorities of wanting to keep it a secret. They also accused the poachers of... read more »

Reptile dealers on the run: Animal market goes underground

23rd September 2009

Plans by Essex Reptile and Amphibian Club to stage an underground animal market in the area are being closely monitored by IAR's campaigning partners the Animal Protection Agency. Last week, Brentwood Borough Council and Shenfield High School disallowed a reptile market that would have taken place... read more »

Conservationists call for enquiry into bird 'cemetery' in Malta

23rd September 2009

Volunteers from two bird protection camps in Malta have uncovered further bodies of endangered birds during their search of Mizieb hunting reserves. The number of carcasses of protected birds found by members of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) and BirdLife Malta (BLM Malta) now stands... read more »

Grim discovery of 'bird graves' in Malta

22nd September 2009

The bodies of 76 protected birds have been found hidden under rocks and rubbish in a woodland in Malta which is treated as a hunting reserve. The discovery was made during a joint operation by volunteers from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) and from the Raptor Camp run by BirdLife Malta... read more »

Illegal reptile market disallowed by Brentwood Council and Shenfield High School

21st September 2009

Brentwood Borough Council and Shenfield High School have been praised by animal welfare groups for disallowing a reptile market that would have taken place at the school on Sunday 27 September 2009. The selling of pets at markets was outlawed under Section 2 of the Pet Animals Act 1951 to prevent... read more »


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