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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

News - June 2008

Update on IAR's work in Indonesia

23rd June 2008

As well as macaques and slow lorises, our team in Indonesia has ended the suffering of a number of endangered Javan gibbons living in misery in a centre known as Cikananga. After months of negotiation, IAR finally got the go-ahead to move seven Javan silvery gibbons to a specialist rehabilitation... read more »

Goa vets examine hawksbill sea turtle

21st June 2008

In June the vets at the International Animal Rescue centre in Goa had an unusual patient in the form of a giant Hawksbill sea turtle. The 100+kg turtle had washed up on the beach in Anjuna, North Goa two days before and been picked up by another local NGO - Green Cross - when they were notified by... read more »

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