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News - October 2016

IAR and PETA expose inhumane dog slaughter in Mauritius

31st October 2016

Shocking eye witness video footage has revealed the cruel capture and killing of a large number of dogs in Mauritius. Despite repeated offers of support from international animal-welfare groups, the country continues to use barbaric and ineffective ‘catch and kill’ methods of dog control.The... read more »

Seizure of Critically Endangered Slow Lorises sends out a strong message to wildlife traffickers.

19th October 2016

This was the message sent out by an outstanding seizure operation carried out by the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate of West-Java Regional Police. The operation successfully stopped a syndicate of wildlife traffickers planning to smuggle 34 protected Javan slow lorises, two civets and... read more »

Youngest orangutan at our center visits baby school for the first time

18th October 2016

In August our team in Ketapang, Indonesia, took into care a tiny baby orangutan named Gatot. The tiny orangutan was apparently found in the forest by a man out looking for firewood. He heard the sound of crying and this led him to Gatot. He took him home and kept him as a pet for almost two months... read more »

Ten slow lorises are returned to freedom in the forest

13th October 2016

The team at our primate rehabilitation centre in Ciapus, West Java recently carried out the translocation of ten Sumatran slow lorises (nycticebus coucang) for release in the conservation area of Batutegi’s Protected Forest, Tanggamus District, Lampung, Sumatra. The lorises consisted of five males... read more »

Our team in Ketapang rescues an orangutan after police persuade owner to part with her pet

10th October 2016

A pet orangutan is now in the care of our rehabilitation centre in Ketapang after our rescue team was forced to enlist the help of the local police and forestry department to persuade the owner to part with her.  The team was accompanied on the rescue operation by representatives from the... read more »

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