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News - January 2016

IAR’s team in Borneo rescues an orangutan chained up and with no shelter from the rain.

29th January 2016

IAR’s team in Ketapang, West Borneo has rescued an orangutan that has spent the past two years chained up on a narrow wooden plank, surrounded by rubbish. The rescue team found Japik, who is between four and five years old, soaking wet and shivering on the plank, desperately trying to shelter from... read more »

Rescue team called out to save 30 year old male orangutan

26th January 2016

Our orangutan rescue team were recently called out to come to the aid of a fully grown male orangutan of approximately 30 years of age.The orangutan (named 'Anas' by our team) had entered a pineapple plantation looking for food, as a direct result of the surrounding forest being burnt in the recent... read more »

Two Slow Lorises Released into the Wild of Mount Sawal

25th January 2016

Two slow lorises have been released into the wild by our team in Indonesia. Both are Javan slow lorises, one male and the other female and they were originally confiscated by the Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in West Java. The lorises have completed their rehabilitation process at our Primate... read more »

Latest news on the desperate plight of the bears and lions in Gyumri Zoo.

23rd January 2016

There were such serious concerns for the health of the bears that they have already been moved to Yerevan zoo where WVS vets are assessing and treating them.Three lions and two bears have been suffering in horrific conditions trapped in an abandoned zoo in Gyumri, Armenia. International Animal... read more »

IAR releases distressing video of baby orangutan traumatised by years kept as a pet.

19th January 2016

The psychological trauma caused by keeping a wild orangutan in captivity is revealed in a distressing video IAR has released today of a baby orangutan that was kept as a pet in Borneo.The young female was rescued on 5 January in Parit Deri, Ketapang, West Borneo, by a team from IAR in collaboration... read more »

IAR in Malta Welcomes Prison Sentence for Illegal Hunters

15th January 2016

IAR has welcomed the news from Malta that two hunters have been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and fined €9000 after being found guilty of shooting a protected flamingo in Salina. Their hunting licences have been revoked for life.The killing took place in 2013 and raised a public outcry... read more »

Male orangutan Danny is rescued and brought back to our centre

14th January 2016

Our team in Indonesia has recently rescued another male orangutan from Mata-Mata, near the location where orangutan Mata was rescued last month. The team called the orangutan Danny, and he is a large male orangutan at roughly seventeen years of age with developed cheekpads.On arrival, the team... read more »

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