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News - January 2020

Rescued starving orangutan recovers and is returned to the rainforest by our team

29th January 2020

A starving orangutan that was rescued after fire destroyed her forest home in West Borneo has been returned to the wild after treatment and care in our rehabilitation centre. Epen, as the orangutan was named by our rescue team, has been reintroduced into the protected forest of Gunung Tarak (Mount... read more »

Our team in Indonesia have rescued a sun bear caught in a snare!

23rd January 2020

A sun bear in Borneo that had to have its leg amputated after being caught in a snare has been restored to health and returned to the wild by our team.The bear was caught after a resident of Sungai Nanjung village, in the District of Matan Hilir South, Ketapang, West Borneo, set a snare because he... read more »

We have rescued and translocated a mother orangutan and her baby

16th January 2020

A mother and baby orangutan have been rescued and relocated after fire destroyed their forest home in West Borneo. They are the first orangutans to be rescued in the Ketapang area of West Borneo this year. Data gathered by our Orangutan Protection Unit (OPU) has shown that the number of human-... read more »

Tiny slow loris baby rescued

9th January 2020

A baby slow loris found alone in a residential garden in West Java has been rescued and taken to safety. Our team, alongside a rescue team from the BBKSDA, (the Balai Besar Natural Resources Conservation Agency) came to the aid of the tiny Javan slow loris.The loris was found in a garden in... read more »

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