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News - July 2015

Baby Jecka joins the family at our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Ketapang

28th July 2015

The latest new arrival at our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Ketapang is baby Jecka. He is between seven and eight months old and has been kept as a pet for the past five months.The IAR team consisting of Argitoe, vet Ayu and one animal keeper joined members of the local Forestry... read more »

First ever arrest of two slow loris traders in Indonesia

24th July 2015

Forestry Police in Pontianak, West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) recently arrested two slow loris traders and confiscated four slow lorises.This is the first time the Indonesian authorities have ever taken legal action against anyone for being in possession of a slow loris.The arrests followed a... read more »

Planned mass killing of stray dogs in Kerala, India prompts widespread protests around the world

23rd July 2015

The proposed killing of thousands of stray dogs in Kerala, southern India has prompted animal lovers and animal welfare groups around the globe to protest against the slaughter. People in India and all around the world have launched a campaign called “Boycott Kerala! World Wide Protest” calling for... read more »

Rescued orangutan Beno goes from quarantine straight to forest school

23rd July 2015

Beno was rescued by our team in April this year. He was four years old upon rescue and was being kept as a pet, chained up by the neck with no shelter or protection from the sun or rain. Once Beno arrived at the centre he spent the first 8 weeks in quarantine and received medical treatment from our... read more »

The latest news from International Animal Rescue's Outreach and Education team

17th July 2015

International Animal Rescue's Outreach and Education team have recently carried out a number of activities to engage with and inspire the local community. 1) Presenting study findings back to the community Across 2014, IAR undertook intense Human-orangutan conflict (HOC) Surveys in 20 villages and... read more »

Two female slow lorises Bohay and Jubile are translocated to a protected forest reserve

2nd July 2015

Two female Javanese slow lorises have been translocated to a protected forest reserve, Suaka Margasatwa on Mount Sawal at Ciamus.Bohay and Jubile had been confiscated from the pet trade by the local Forestry Department and handed to IAR's Primate Rescue Centre in Ciapus, Bogor. Bohay arrived at our... read more »

Amazing footage shows the emergency rescue and relocation of starving orangutans in Borneo.

2nd July 2015

Rare photos and footage show the dramatic rescue of an adult male and a mother and baby orangutan from an isolated patch of forest in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo.) The animals had been left stranded and starving by the encroachment of agricultural plantations and illegal gold mines into... read more »

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