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News - January 2011

Construction of new wildlife hospital finally gets underway

31st January 2011

Building work has finally begun on a new rescue centre which will provide vital treatment and care to sick and injured wildlife. When it is completed, the Broadwater Forest Wildlife Centre, which IAR has supported with a donation of £2,000, will cater for all kinds of wildlife in the Kent and... read more »

Bear cubs saved from gruesome fate thanks to anti-poaching operation

26th January 2011

Five tiny bear cubs and two young adult bears have been rescued after an undercover anti-poaching operation by International Animal Rescue's Indian partners Wildlife SOS. The bears were rescued from the Banka district of Bihar and three wildlife traders were arrested by the police. The five male... read more »

Libyan man hides 130 birds in suitcase

19th January 2011

A second attempt within a fortnight has been made to smuggle a number of canaries and budgerigars out of Malta. More than 130 birds were packed in 12 empty boxes of cat food. The court heard that the attempt was made by a Libyan who was leaving Malta to return to his country. Shaban Giuma El... read more »

Our team in Indonesia on a mission to help domestic animals

11th January 2011

At the end of 2010 a small team from International Animal Rescue in Indonesia set up a new project called the Domestic Animal Rescue Mission IAR (DARM IAR). The mission of the team is to rescue sick and injured dogs and cats from Loa, a nearby village, give them medical treatment, neuter them and... read more »

Man caught trying to smuggle 157 songbirds out of Malta

5th January 2011

A Libyan man who was caught trying to smuggle 157 songbirds out of Malta has been given a suspended sentence. The birds were discovered crammed into three small cages. Ben Salem Mohamed Salim, 33, of Tripoli Libya, pleaded guilty after he was caught with the songbirds which he intended to sell in... read more »

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