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News - July 2010

Bear cubs in India are saved in the nick of time

29th July 2010

Four sloth bear cubs rescued from poachers just as they were about to be smuggled out of India are safe and sound in an IAR-funded sanctuary in Agra. The cubs had a narrow escape: had they not been rescued in the nick of time, they could have ended up as a bowl of bear paw soup in a South East... read more »

Pet shops in Malta to be regulated

27th July 2010

New legislation to protect animals in pet shops will be "a milestone in the history of animal welfare in Malta" according to Max Farrugia, IAR Malta's Chairman. Farrugia assisted with the drafting of similar regulations four years ago which never made it onto the statute books. He claims it is... read more »

List issued in Malta of dangerous animals which cannot be bred, sold or kept in Malta

26th July 2010

Owners of exotic and dangerous pets in Malta will have three months to register their animals with the authorities or pay a fine of up to €46,500, according to an upcoming legal notice. Pet owners who fail to comply with the new rules will face criminal proceedings that could lead to a fine of... read more »

Bad news for birds in Malta as autumn hunting season is announced

26th July 2010

An official statement by the Malta Government has confirmed that the autumn hunting season will start on 1 September and come to an end on 31 January 2011. Hunting can take place during the given periods following the approval of a derogation by the EU. Turtle doves and quail may be hunted from... read more »

Pet shop owner in Malta charged with animal cruelty

5th July 2010

A pet shop in Hamrun, Malta was yesterday described as a veritable concentration camp as its owner was arraigned in court for animal cruelty. The pet shop, High Society Canine Beautician in Hamrun, had little ventilation and rusted cages which, in some cases, were only slightly larger than the... read more »

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