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News - February 2012

A wild bear and her cubs are given sanctuary in Bannerghatta

27th February 2012

A wild sloth bear and her cubs are currently in the care of the IAR-funded Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre after she attacked a vegetable vendor to protect her cubs. The two helpless young bears subsequently narrowly escaped being killed by villagers seeking revenge for the attack. The vegetable... read more »

Caught on film - Maltese hunters massacring migrant birds in Egypt

14th February 2012

With permission from International Animal Rescue Malta, the German group Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) has published sequences from a shocking video on its YouTube channel. The film was provided anonymously to IAR and shows a group of Maltese hunters on a shooting spree on Lake Nasser in... read more »

Ujil the orangutan remains in captivity after rescue mission fails

8th February 2012

Recent efforts to rescue a young orangutan from captivity in Indonesia were thwarted when the owner became aggressive and refused to hand him over. In spite of the presence of police and government officials, the man threatened to kill the orangutan and then anyone who tried to rescue him. The team... read more »

Thirteen long-tailed macaques enjoy their freedom on Panaitan Island, West Java

7th February 2012

Thirteen macaques that were released back into the wild after a lifetime in captivity are reported to be thriving, thanks to the team at International Animal Rescue’s primate centre in Ciapus, West Java.Towards the end of last year, the team released two groups of long-tailed macaques (Macaca... read more »

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