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News - December 2008

500th dancing bear rescued in India

24th December 2008

International Animal Rescue and Wildlife SOS have announced the rescue of the 500th dancing bear from the streets of India. This is a major milestone in the campaign to cut free all the dancing bears in India and provide them with a safe haven for the rest of their lives. IAR is nominating 2009 as... read more »

International Animal Rescue responds to a special cry for help

24th December 2008

Gemma Keeley contacted IAR earlier this year, desperately seeking help to bring a rescued dog back to the UK from Turkey. We often receive this kind of request but sadly generally can only offer advice and moral support. However, Gemma’s situation was particularly poignant and we felt compelled to... read more »

IAR welcomes absence of animal circuses in Malta

23rd December 2008

As a member of The Circus Animal Rights Coalition in Malta, International Animal Rescue has welcomed the fact that no animal circuses have been invited to perform in Malta during the festive season. This demonstrates that the coalition's past campaigns have succeeded in making people aware that... read more »

Volunteers in Goa raise funds to help the animals

15th December 2008

December is usually the busiest month in Goa for the tourism industry. This year however, owing to the economic downturn and terrorist threats, the season looks to be a challenging one for everybody. Luckily the fall in tourist numbers has not meant that International Animal Rescue is short of... read more »

IAR rescues lots of lorises in Indonesia!

11th December 2008

Volunteer Melati Grey’s last report from the International Animal Rescue centre described an influx of rescued lorises. The sudden arrival of an increasing number of lorises at the centre in Ciapus has forced International Animal Rescue to start building a whole new set of enclosures to house them... read more »

Volunteer gives a glowing account of her time spent with IAR in Indonesia

4th December 2008

Volunteer Melati Grey has written a vivid account of her experiences while volunteering with International Animal Rescue in Bogor, Indonesia. She closes her report by recommending the experience to others. Our thanks go to Melati for being such an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the team. We... read more »

IAR partners with the Queen of Hearts in Goa

1st December 2008

In Goa we have to take advantage of the tourist season to raise as much money as we can and to drum up support from the many tourists who come to visit the state. It is impossible to ignore the number of stray dogs on the beaches and roads and we encourage everyone to come and visit our centre and... read more »

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