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News - September 2015

IAR Rescues Mother and Infant Orangutans from Forest Fires

29th September 2015

IAR’s team has come to the urgent rescue of a wild orangutan and her infant from the forest fires burning in Borneo during the long dry season caused by El Niño.On Tuesday 22 September IAR’s Operations Manager, Adi Irawan, received a report of an orangutan and infant near a village close to a road... read more »

Orangutan Conservation Camp 3

23rd September 2015

The third orangutan conservation camp was held on August 28th, 29th and 30th in the Pematang Gadung Villiage Forest. This particular location was chosen because this area has been used before to release orangutans back into the wild. Pematang Gadung is one of the forests in the Ketapang Regency and... read more »

IAR applauds European Commission for taking Malta to court over bird trapping

17th September 2015
Finches used as decoys

The European Commission is to refer Malta to the European Court of Justice over its refusal to stop bird trapping, a practice that the Labour government reintroduced in 2014 after it had been banned in 2009.This is the second time Malta will be taken to the EU Court for flouting environmental laws... read more »

Jubile the slow loris is finally released into the wild

11th September 2015

Jubile has finally been released into the wild. Jubile was originally confiscated from the pet trade by the Natural Resources Conservation Agency and has been with our Primate Rescue team in Indonesia since late 2012.In June 2015, Jubile was translocated to our habituation cage on Mount Sawal for... read more »

Another 14 slow lorises rescued in Indonesia

10th September 2015

Days after rescuing 5 slow lorises, on 31 August the team at International Animal Rescue Primate Rehabilitation Centre in West Java took in fourteen Sumatran slow lorises. The lorises had been confiscated by the Natural Resources Conservation Agency who handed them over to the Cikananga Animal... read more »

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