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News - November 2009

Orangutans Charlie and Jingo are freed from suffering

27th November 2009

An orangutan that was living in shocking conditions over an open sewer in Borneo has been rescued by International Animal Rescue’s team in Indonesia and is now safe and comfortable in our temporary rescue centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan.Charlie, a fully grown adult orangutan, was discovered... read more »

Twenty-four rescued slow lorises arrive safely at IAR's centre in Ciapus

20th November 2009

Following the confiscation of several endangered species from a wildlife vendor in East Java, Indonesia, 24 slow loris have been successfully transported to International Animal Rescue's primate centre in Ciapus, near Bogor. Also confiscated with the slow loris (Nycticebus coucan) were 15 Javan... read more »

Goodbye and good luck to Sue White

18th November 2009

International Animal Rescue and British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) bid a fond farewell to Sue White on 19 November. Sue has worked for BDMLR from International Animal Rescue's office in the UK for the past five and a half years and has singlehandedly managed the programme of marine mammal... read more »

Victory for animals in Malta as school outings to the circus and dolphinarium are banned

11th November 2009

A ban introduced by the Director General for Education in Malta on school visits to the circus and the dolphinarium has delighted International Animal Rescue and its campaign partners. Initially the education department only banned school visits to the circus but, after persistent pressure from... read more »

More than one hundred hedgehogs find a new home in Scotland

10th November 2009

A total of 109 hedgehogs have been captured and humanely transferred to the Scottish mainland during the latest phase of trapping in the Benbecula area of the Uist Islands. The figure has been released after intensive trapping by the Uist Wader Project (UWP), a partnership of Scottish Natural... read more »

Twenty-one slow lorises saved from a wildlife trader in Indonesia

9th November 2009

Twenty-one endangered slow lorises that were among several rare wildlife species seized by police in East Java are being cared for by International Animal Rescue’s team in Indonesia. They will be moved as soon as possible from the police facilities to IAR’s rescue centre near Bogor to be given... read more »

Orangutans pay a high price for palm oil in Indonesia

4th November 2009

The plight of a baby orangutan rescued from plantation workers in Borneo has exposed the high price these endangered primates are paying for the production of palm oil. The 2-3 year old female was found hogtied to a pole and had clearly been brutally beaten. Covered in cuts and bruises, she was... read more »

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