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News - February 2010

Goa vets win award for poster pioneering orthopaedic surgery

26th February 2010

International Animal Rescue's vets in Goa have been awarded a gold medal at an international veterinary conference in India for their poster on groundbreaking orthopaedic surgery. At the conference entitled ‘Wildlife conservation, health and disease management IAR vet Nikhil Prabhugaonkan presented... read more »

Infant Sindi joins our family of rescued orangutans in Ketapang

24th February 2010

A young female orangutan is the latest arrival at International Animal Rescue's centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. IAR's team took part in the rescue of the infant, named Sindi, who thankfully was found to be in good condition, although very frightened and timid. She is believed to be between two... read more »


16th February 2010


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