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News - March 2008

Investigation of Europe's largest reptile fair

26th March 2008

Wildlife dealers from all over Europe gathered to sell mostly wild-caught reptiles at the Terraristika reptile fair in Hamm, Germany on the 15 March 2008. In hot, crowded halls, our investigators witnessed stall upon stall of suffering animals in takeaway containers. Often these plastic tubs were... read more »

Maltese hunters detained after sea chase

11th March 2008

Four illegal hunters have been detained by police in Malta after a lengthy high speed sea chase. The men in a speedboat were first seen behaving very suspiciously on the western side of the island of Gozo. They were spotted by members of the Maritime Squadron’s Rapid Deployment Team who were on a... read more »

Dramatic win for Conservative Party in Malta promises an end to hunting

11th March 2008

The Conservative Party in Malta is in power again for the fifth time. This means that, with the exception of 22 months when the Labour government took over in 1996, they will have been in power for the past 25 years. The dramatic election which was won by only 1200 votes will undoubtedly have an... read more »

IAR Goa centre thanks UK couple for their generous support

4th March 2008

The International Animal Rescue centre in Assagao, Goa gives special thanks to UK couple for their generous support. IAR’s founder and chairman in Goa John Hicks has paid a special tribute of thanks to supporters Ken and Ann Stevens from the UK. The couple from Plymouth visit the Goa rescue centre... read more »

Two endangered bear cubs rescued from poachers in India

3rd March 2008

Two endangered bear cubs rescued from poachers in India may have been destined for the trade in bear paw soup - a delicacy in some south east Asian countries. The cubs, a male and a female of less than 12 weeks old, were found to be severely traumatised and dehydrated when they were rescued.The... read more »

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