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News - January 2015

Update on baby Budi's recovery: two

29th January 2015

Thanks to our dedicated team of vets Budi continues to grow stronger each day. He is now able to hold a bottle to feed himself if it is not too heavy or full.However, it is heartbreaking to watch how exhausted he gets by doing a seemingly simple task. He breathes heavily, sometimes cries and... read more »

Update on baby Budi's recovery: one

26th January 2015

We have received the following update from our vet Christine who is currently caring for Budi:‘We are glad to report that Budi does seem to be showing some positive signs of improvement. He is now able to sit up for short periods of time and has tasted the juice of his first fruit! All food is... read more »

Malta referendum on spring hunting to be held on 11 April

22nd January 2015

The Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Joseph Muscat, has announced that a referendum on spring hunting will be held on 11 April. The chosen date has to be within three months of the Constitutional Court’s decision.  While insisting that the will of the people will be respected, the Prime Minister has... read more »

IAR’s team in Indonesia rescues baby orangutan slowly dying of malnutrition

21st January 2015

A baby orangutan is in intensive care at IAR’s rescue and rehabilitation centre in Borneo after suffering months of starvation and neglect. In December his owner, a local from Kubing in Ketapang, West Borneo, informed the authorities that she was willing to hand over her pet orangutan. She also... read more »

IAR is disgusted and saddened by Russian trade in baby orangutans

7th January 2015

IAR Chief Executive Alan Knight has expressed disgust and sadness at the Russian trade in baby orangutans exposed by the Daily Mail Online today.He observes that the existence of such a vile trade comes as no surprise to him, adding that “where there is money to be made from the abuse and... read more »

IAR Indonesia raise awareness with help from the local police

2nd January 2015

The outgoing Police Chief of Ketapang (West Kalimantan, Borneo), Pak Agus Setiyoko, has lent his support to a local awareness campaign high-lighting the importance of orangutans and how habitat loss can lead to conflict situations.  The poster describes orangutans as the 'keepers of the forest... read more »

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