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News - May 2007

Rescued raptors and primates find freedom in Indonesia

28th May 2007

At the beginning of May IAR’s team in Indonesia relocated and released eight white bellied sea eagles, three Brahminy kites and five macaques on the islands. The birds had been living in the very basic rescue centre of Sukabumi. The macaques had originally been rescued in Jakarta and brought over... read more »

Slow loris is rescued from the roadside in Jakarta

25th May 2007

A slow loris has been rescued from a roadside seller in Jakarta by an English man who took pity on the animal as he was driving past. He then got in touch with IAR and Femke den Haas paid him a visit to check on the animal and advise him on its care. It will be some months yet before our centre in... read more »

The Agra bear sanctuary entertains and educates Indian schoolchildren

21st May 2007

Indian elementary and high school classes recently visited the Agra Bear Rescue Facility funded by International Animal Rescue. Vets and keepers from our partner charity Wildlife SOS interacted with the children while they learned about the birds, snakes, blue bulls, hog deer, and of course the... read more »

Chinese delegation visits Agra bear sanctuary

18th May 2007

The Agra Bear Sanctuary funded by International Animal Rescue hosted a delegation of senior officials from the People’s Republic of China. The centre, which cares for dancing bears rescued from the streets of India, is managed by our partners Wildlife SOS on land donated by the Uttar Pradesh Forest... read more »

IAR joins new pets group seeking common welfare standards in Europe

14th May 2007

IAR Malta joined other national pet NGOs in Brussels recently to join the newly created organisation, Pets In Europe (PIE), officially beginning their campaign to lobby EU institutions to improve pet welfare across Europe. PIE has members drawn from national pet NGOs in 17 member states,... read more »

IAR thanks UK couple for helping stray dogs in Goa

5th May 2007

by Tanja Larsen The International Animal Rescue shelter in Assagao, North Goa serves 2 main purposes: 1) to sterilise and vaccinate stray dogs and cats and 2) to offer treatment of domestic animals and pets to the locals in the area. The centre also serves as a treatment facility for cattle and... read more »

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