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News - March 2018

A baby orangutan in West Borneo is rescued from a cage the size of a cupboard.

21st March 2018

Rescuers in West Borneo have freed a baby orangutan from a wooden cage the size of a cupboard. He had been kept in there for more than a year after being found on land cleared to make way for a palm oil plantation.Our team travelled to Muara Baru village, in Sungai Raya District, Kubu Raya Regency... read more »

History is made with severe sentence for illegal slow loris traders in Indonesia.

14th March 2018

In a historical ruling, a Panel of Judges at Lubuk Basung District Court in West Sumatra has sentenced two slow loris traders to three and a half years’ imprisonment. Both perpetrators, with initials JE and HN, were also required to pay a fine of one hundred million Rupiah (USD 7260) or spend an... read more »

The world watches our team rescue Balu the caged bear in Armenia.

2nd March 2018

Our team has today rescued Balu, a female brown bear of about two and a half years old kept chained up in a cage in Armenia. She is believed to have been kept in her filthy cage since she was caught from the wild as a two month old cub. Balu’s dramatic rescue was streamed live from Armenia on IAR’s... read more »

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