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News - June 2007

Environmental journalists in Agra, India receive awards on World Environment Day 2007

25th June 2007

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2007, in the first event of its kind in Agra, Wildlife SOS and International Animal Rescue honoured distinguished media figures in Agra with the ’Yamuna Rakshak Samman 2007.’ The event was held in collaboration with the Braj Mandal Heritage Conservation... read more »

Indian Forest Department and NGOs crackdown on wildlife smugglers - endangered bear cubs rescued

12th June 2007

In a sensational wildlife crime intelligence operation carried out by the U.P Forest Department with assistance from Delhi based NGO - Wildlife S.O.S two endangered bear cubs were seized from smugglers in the Baliya district of Uttar Pradesh that borders with Bihar state. The intelligence for the... read more »

CITES moves speedily to protect slow loris

10th June 2007

On Friday 8 June in the Hague Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) worked rapidly to increase global protection for the slow loris, the endangered primate IAR is working to rescue and protect from the pet trade in Indonesia. Says Alan Knight, CEO of... read more »

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