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News - December 2012

Pelangsi, the orangutan who lost his hand after being trapped in a snare, is given the gift of freedom for Christmas

11th December 2012

A young male orangutan that spent days trapped in a snare, resulting in the amputation of his right hand and half his arm, has been released back into the forests of West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo after months of treatment and rehabilitation at IAR’s orangutan centre in Ketapang.A team from... read more »

IAR's partners Wildlife SOS rescue an endangered sloth bear cub from a snare set by poachers.

4th December 2012

A team from IAR's partners Wildlife SOS in India has rescued a sloth bear cub of about 12 months old from a snare set by poachers. The rescue comes only days after the Indian Government launched its National Bear Conservation and Welfare Action Plan to stabilise wild bear populations in India and... read more »

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