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News - November 2007

IAR's partners in India rescue a badly burnt bear

21st November 2007

IAR's partners in India have carried out an unusual rescue mission to save a wild bear that had been electrocuted. The young male of about 15 months old had his muzzle badly burnt and was completely blinded in one eye after climbing an electricity transmission pole in search of honey. Wildlife SOS... read more »

Vets still hopeful of returning rare eagle to the wild - as a second bird is injured in the Sudan

14th November 2007

It is uncertain whether the lesser spotted eagle that was illegally shot down in Malta in September will ever recover sufficiently to return to the wild. If not, it will have to remain in captivity and be used for breeding. The extremely rare bird was initially cared for by Max Farrugia at the... read more »

IAR neuters cats in Malta thanks to Paws in Need

1st November 2007

UK charity Paws in Need has donated £200 to IAR to cover the costs of neutering cats in the Masrascala area of Malta. The donation followed a visit by Suzanne Thorpe from Paws in Need to Malta on holiday. While she was there Suzanne sought IAR’s help with some stray cats that were in need of... read more »

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