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News - January 2008

Endangered Gibbons get a helping hand in the New Year

15th January 2008

IAR is one of three animal welfare groups to have partnered in the relocation of five Sumatran Agile gibbons and eight siamangs in Indonesia. The primates were moved from Cikananga Animal Rescue Centre (PPSC) to Marak island off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. IAR worked jointly with the... read more »

White bellied sea eagle flies free

15th January 2008

IAR has returned a white bellied sea eagle to the wild in Indonesia 18 months after the bird was confiscated from fishermen. The eagle, known as Hadi, was confiscated in July 2007 and brought to the IAR Raptor Rehabilitation Centre. He was still a baby and in need of intensive care for the first... read more »

Latest report from IAR Malta: Illegal hunting and smuggling

8th January 2008

Environmental police arrest hunters in MaltaAt the end of December Maltese police from the Administrative Law Enforcement Section (ALE) arrested two hunters at the Salina salt pans on the coast road leading to the north of the island which is a nature reserve and a protected area. The team was led... read more »

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