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News - April 2009

Still no safe haven for migrant birds in Malta

29th April 2009

During the first two days after arriving in Malta, bird guards from the bird protection camp have personally witnessed the shooting down of four birds of prey, located an illegal net site and provided the police with evidence on which to base the arrests of five poachers. In spite of the government... read more »

IAR welcomes encouraging news of Uist hedgehogs

29th April 2009

As a member of the Uist Hedgehog Rescue coalition, International Animal Rescue has welcomed the news that this spring hedgehogs will continue to be moved off the islands to a more suitable location where they don't pose a threat to ground nesting wader birds. Alan Knight, IAR's Chief Executive,... read more »

Guards in Malta to protect birds by 'twittering'

27th April 2009

The bird protection camp in Malta organised by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) with support from International Animal Rescue starts on 25 April and runs until 3 May. This year it has been decided to make far greater use of the internet to communicate and to mobilise the public. A... read more »

Yoga day in Goa raises funds for IAR

24th April 2009

Our Animal Tracks centre in Goa has seen a fall in funds raised locally during the recent holiday season. However things would have been worse had it not been for two extraordinary couples - Marcie and Rolf Naujokat and Jodi and Olaf Starick. Having made yoga a big part of their lives they decided... read more »


22nd April 2009


A ranger shot in Malta

21st April 2009

A ranger in the north of Malta was shot as he got out of his car at six o'clock in the morning on 14 April. Ray Vella was rushed to hospital with slight injuries. This was the third incident in which the ranger has been involved. In the past his farmhouse has been burned down and on a second... read more »

Two men cruelly beat injured bird to death

20th April 2009

A number of bird watchers were shocked by an appalling scene they witnessed in the North of Malta, in the area known as Maghtab. It has been reported to the police that two men beat to death a marsh harrier - a protected bird of prey - which was spotted by their dog in one of the fields. The... read more »


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