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International Animal Rescue Saving animals from suffering around the world

News - May 2018

Our team has freed a caged bear in Armenia from 15 years of relentless misery.

22nd May 2018

A brown bear in Armenia that had been kept locked up alone in a small cage for the past 15 years has finally been freed. Female bear Achon, which means “Girl with the beautiful eyes,” had been kept in the barren cage ever since she was a cub. Now finally, thanks to our partnership with Armenian... read more »

Our frontline fight to save critically endangered orangutans features in TV documentary.

16th May 2018

The life-saving work of our teams in Indonesia as they rescue, rehabilitate and release orangutans back into the forests of Borneo has featured in a documentary on BBC 2’s Natural World programme. “RED APE: SAVING THE ORANGUTAN”, produced by Offspring Films, documents our work as our specialist... read more »

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