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A year since Budi's rescue

This month is the first anniversary of Budi's rescue. 

In December 2014 Budi was found in critical condition, lying helpless on his back in a chicken cage in West Borneo. His body was bloated and his limbs were swollen and bent from malnutrition.  

When he was first rescued Budi cried in pain when the vets propped him up to feed him. He was so weak that he couldn’t even open his mouth and for the first few weeks his food had to be pureed because he didn’t know how to chew.

However, this new video shows that Budi has certainly mastered the art of eating and seems to have developed a very hearty appetite. Whereas before he was unable even to drink from a bottle unaided, now he has no difficulty picking up items of food – and even removing them from his mouth to inspect them more closely!