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Another 14 slow lorises rescued in Indonesia

Days after rescuing 5 slow lorises, on 31 August the team at International Animal Rescue Primate Rehabilitation Centre in West Java took in fourteen Sumatran slow lorises. The lorises had been confiscated by the Natural Resources Conservation Agency who handed them over to the Cikananga Animal Rescue Centre and on the morning of the 31st, Cikananga transferred them over to our team for rehabilitation and eventual release.

The lorises consist of eight females and six males and are named Cute, Dandelion, Fruzzy, Justin, Rosa, Melly, Willy, Phartos, Pinky, Armstrong, Popy, Syifa, Tamper and Tyson. The medical team at IAR’s clinic were up from the early hours of the morning awaiting their arrival and when they finally appeared they were immediately put in to quarantine cages.

In the clinic, IAR’s veterinary team took the weight of each loris and chipped them all for future identification. Wendi Prameswari, Veterinarian and Coordinator of Animal Management, said “Their health is good and their behaviour is still wild... after quarantine and rehabilitation they will be considered for release to the wild”. This process should take six weeks and if all goes well they will be released in to the nearby conservation forests.