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News - February 2015

Update on baby Budi's recovery: five

7th February 2015

We are delighted to share these amazing photos of little Budi with you!!He is enjoying being out in the sunshine in his hammock which has been covered and filled with enrichment to encourage him to start moving and exploring the world around him! The vets have informed us that he has started to try... read more »

Update on baby Budi's recovery: four

4th February 2015

 We are pleased to say that as the swelling in Budi’s little body continues to recede he is beginning to make more attempts to move on his own. The vets have started physical therapy and are searching for new ways to challenge his little body. Thank you all so much for supporting Budi throughout... read more »

Update on baby Budi's recovery: three

2nd February 2015

Budi continues to improve everyday, and surprises his caregivers with his newly gained skills. Each milestone achieved is a wonder, but we remember that it’s all relative.The swelling and pain in his body has receded, but this has revealed the misshapen and weak muscles of his arms and legs. You... read more »


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