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Budi the baby orangutan is pronounced fit for “adoption” in time for Valentine’s Day!

Budi the baby orangutan who melted the hearts of people around the world with his cute looks and pitiful cries of pain is now in a stable condition and sufficiently fit to join a number of other rescued orangutans available for virtual adoption, according to our vets at the centre in Ketapang.
In the latest video of Budi, released by IAR in time for Valentine’s Day, he is seen for the first time clinging tightly to Indonesian vet Ayu’s fingers and moving his arms and legs as she encourages him to exercise his limbs and build up his strength. 

Alan Knight OBE, IAR Chief Executive, says: “So many people have asked if they can adopt Budi and now that his life is no longer in danger we’re happy to oblige! Animal adoptions or sponsorships are an effective way to raise funds for our projects as well as a great way for people to follow the progress of individual animals in our care. Adopters of Budi can look forward to plenty of progress reports and new videos of him in the weeks and months ahead.

“When you watch the video it’s hard to believe this healthy young infant is the same poor creature we found lying on his back in a cage, completely unable to move or sit up. When Budi was rescued he was so weak and fragile that we all feared he wouldn’t survive. But he has proved to be a real fighter and is now safely on the road to recovery. He still has a long way to go but his pain has subsided, the swelling in his body and limbs has disappeared, he has a healthy appetite and is becoming more energetic and active by the day.”

The pitiful primate who was kept in a chicken cage and fed entirely on condensed milk was in a critical condition when he was rescued by IAR’s team in West Borneo in December. When he arrived at IAR’s Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre malnutrition had left his body bloated and his limbs swollen and bent. At just over a year old Budi should have been strong enough to climb and swing, instead he was as helpless as a new-born baby. 

Footage of Budi crying in pain as the vets gently prop him up to feed him moved many people to tears. At first he was so weak that he couldn’t even open his mouth and in the first few weeks Budi’s food had to be pureed because he didn’t know how to chew. However, thanks to intensive treatment and care from IAR’s veterinary team he soon began to make a slow but steady recovery. Recent videos released by International Animal Rescue show Budi drinking from a bottle unaided, eating pureed food from a spoon and now doing physical exercise. In the next video he is shown fast asleep, exhausted after his physical exertions.

Budi can be adopted here!

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