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Update on baby Budi's recovery: Ten

When Budi was kept as a pet he had no fruits in his diet, for his owner only fed him condensed milk.

Now, under the care of our team he is eating more solid foods. Budi has a big appetite and his favourites are banana, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, and guava, but like most youngsters he is not so keen on his leafy greens!


Every day the keepers make enrichment parcels for him. These are usually small food treats wrapped up in leaves, boxes or netting which are then hung onto the frame of his hammock to encourage his climbing.

He is also still receiving calcium supplements to help with his bone development.

With his now nutritious diet, not only is he getting physically stronger, his hair is also starting to grow!

Thank you Budi's Buddies for helping us take care of him!