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Budi has a breakthrough in his physiotherapy session!


We are excited to share this video with our supporters. This is one of Budi's daily physical therapy sessions at IAR's Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.

Vet Ayu is counting 1...2...3...! in Indonesian. Budi is able to hold onto her fingers as she lifts him which is a massive improvement!


Go Budi Go!



Earlier Physiotherapy

Below is an earlier physical therapy session where movement was still painful for little Budi. He was unable to use his hands properly as his poor diet as a pet made his limbs extremely swollen, misshapen and weak. 

Although initially painful, this physiotherapy was essential to strengthen Budi's limbs. We are sure you will be as delighted as we are with Budi's improvement that is demonstrated in the two videos. We hope this improvement continues and that we will one day see him swinging in the trees where he belongs!